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What should I wear or be prepared for?

​It’'s best to be prepared for any weather conditions.  In the past the mornings have been a bit cool leading the way for  sunshine and warmer temperatures by late morning and early afternoon.  For your convenience, clothing and other gear may be dropped off at any of our SAG stops to be transported back to the check-in point.


 What can I expect at the SAG stops?

Each SAG will have available:  fruit,  snacks, Gatorade and water. Our world famous homemade brownies and baked goods will be offered as and a post ride meal and beverages. Toilet facilities are available as well.  



Do you have any suggestions for overnight accommodations?
(click on hotels for links)

Country Hearth Inn / 706-297-7799


Toccoa Inn & Suites/ 706-886-1048


Simmons Bond (B&B)/ 706-282-5183


RV and camping accommodations are available on a limited basis at Tugaloo Bend Park 

Contact Tugaloo Bend for more info and to make a reservation:

phone: 706-491-1304 or by email



If I bring my family is there something for them to do while I am riding?

Ride guilt free! The Tugaloo Bend Park is only a few miles away offering gentle walking trails in a beautiful setting.  Come for the ride,  stay for the weekend and enjoy what the area has to offer!



Why has the venue changed?

GA Power is currently using the park as a construction zone for updating the dam power generation systems!


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